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The incredible skin hacks Trinny Woodall swears by – and they’re all completely free!

Chances are you’ll have seen Trinny Woodall on social in her Shapewear and with zero makeup on. It’s just one of the reasons we love the humorous, self deprecating styling guru and beauty boss behind Trinny London makeup. We suspect it’s also the reason she’s garnered an army of loyal fans who tune in her for social shares on what to wear and how to makeup.

Watch and you quickly discover she’s the queen of the quick glam-over with only one product to hand. She keeps it real creating a full face with fingers, no brushes required and she’s also passionate about skincare, introducing serum ingredients into her tinted moisturiser and under eye concealers.

Pre lockdown we chatted over breakfast (yep when brunch was still a thing) and took the opportunity to quiz her for her best skin and fresh faced hacks. Here’s her no holds barred must do’s and a warning, it includes maxing your skincare while on the loo! We admire her resolve to never to miss a beauty opportunity. And now you needn’t either.

“I’m obsessed with doing facial massage in the morning as we need to oxygenate our skin. You can do it with just your fingers. It’ll help if you feel a little puffy under the eyes like I do or if you love to eat dairy [that tends to causes puffiness]. Don’t just rub the face, but focus on lymphatic drainage, working from the clavicle with two fingers and pressing in a butterfly motion before releasing. Do this twenty times and then go up under the chin and push in and slightly pulsate. Then move up to the nose and push slightly either side. Then I go into the corner of my eyes and work along under my eyes, gently pressing and releasing. It’s a daily ritual I’ll do when sitting on the loo!

2. Exercise Your Eyelids

“By a certain age most women I know have a hooded lid, unless they have a deep hollow in the eye socket. So this is my suggestion for dealing with the overhang. Place your finger just under the middle of the brow and push it up, then open and close your eye 30 times and you’ll tighten the skin between your eyeliner and brow. Again it’s good to do when when sitting on the loo in the morning. It’s like a Facegym routine for the eyes.

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