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The Best Solution For Hair That Gets Frizzy Due To A Humid Environment

When the environment around you is humid then there is a high chance that your hair gets frizzy. Because most of the ties your hair will not get dried completely after washing so they get frizzy and dull. So you need to find a solution to regain their shine and silkiness. Frizz happens when hair cuticles, or the outermost layers of a hair shaft, are opened, and moisture from the air sneaks in. Styling can also damage your hair. 


If you are facing the same problem and are finding the solution then you are on the right place so keep reading:

 Use hair sprays and gels:

Hair gels and spray contain ingredients that reduce the chances of your hair getting frizzy. The gel is a wonderful product to spread throughout your hair before blow-drying. It will smooth out and loosen curls. Hair spray will help to sustain your natural-looking styles. 

 Add essential oils:

Adding essential oil to your hair care routine would be the best favor you can give your hair. They can be used before going outside to coat each hair shaft and block the extra moisture from getting in. The best oils to try are coconut and peppermint.


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About the Author: Dr. Iqra Mubashar is a registered Pharmacist originally from Lahore, Pakistan. She has earned her pharmacy degree from the University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore. She has completed her internship as a trainee from Children hospital, Lahore. She has completed her research work in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutics. She has worked as a healthcare documentation head in Al-Qasim enterprises, Islamabad. She has specialized in prescription handling, drugs information, literature research, patient counseling, and pharmaceutical care planning. Her research work on coronavirus is under publication.

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