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Skincare resolution for this 2021

Every new year we put things in perspective and change our new goals; usually, we make a list and put everything you want to achieve on this new year.

Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, save money, and travel is the top three resolutions, but you shouldn’t forget about your skincare.

In this post, we will present the skincare resolutions you should have for 2021: 

  • Moisturize night and day: Choose a light moisturizer for your daily use with hyaluronic acid for the day. On the other side, you can go for a heavier one able to nourish your skin overnight. 
  • Be consistent with your skincare routine: Do not forget to do your morning and night daily skin routine. Also, try to be consistent with the products you are trying, do not change them every month, remember some products like retinoids and AHA can take up to 6 weeks to improve your skin. 
  • Do not forget your sunscreen: SPF is a must; it doesn’t matter if you are inside your house; you still have to protect yourself from UV light that can penetrate windows. If you are doing outdoor activities like gardening, exercising, or going for a pool day, reapply every two hours, preferably SPF over 30. 
  • Don’t go trying every skincare trend that comes up: You will see on social media new trends every week, but not all of them can be good for your specific skin type. Don’t try everything right away; read first about the ingredients and check benefits and contraindications before trying it. Remember also to do a patch test before your ears and wait to see how your skin reacts before applying it to the rest of your face. 

Remove your makeup every night before bed: Leaving your makeup overnight is considered a sin of skincare. You need to remove not only cosmetics but dirt and bacteria from your skin.

It would be best to allow your skin to “breathe” overnight; this way, you increase the cell regeneration process.

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