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Skincare products you need to keep in the Fridge

Some products are need to be kept at room temp, and other ones should be stored in cold temp for better performance. But always remember to avoid extreme temperatures. Now, we’re going to check which skincare products should be stored in the Fridge.  The products you put in the refrigerator need to be remain that way; if you change environment frequently, the temperature fluctuation will disturb the product’s function and stability.

Here you have a list of products that goes well with cold temperature and can be kept in the Fridge

Face masks: soothing and decongestive masks can be stored in the fridge. Sheet masks are recommended if they are cold; this will enhance their function and can be more relaxing. If you have some leftover from the mask, you can keep it for the next few days; just remember to seal the package correctly.

Eye cream: This is used to address concerns like puffiness and dark circles. Eye creams work better if they are kept on the fridge, if they come with a metallic applicator, keep that cold also.

Toner or thermal water: besides balancing your skin’s pH, cold temp will give you a cooling effect.

Lip balm: during summer, we tend to keep this product inside our bag and then realized it is melted. To avoid this, you can keep it in the Fridge.

Retinol and Vitamin C:  the ideal temperature for these products is between 18-25 degrees; if maintained in these conditions, their properties will remain intact.

After-sun lotion: especially if they contain aloe vera, keep them cold; they will give you an extra refreshing sensation to your skin.

Jade Roller: the cold temperature will help you improve puffiness and blood circulation. This also applies to any tool like this.

Organic Products: most of them are preservative-free, so keeping them at a fresh temperature will prolong shelf life.




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