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Six Ways to Use Baby Oil

We probably cried and cried as our parents insisted on applying baby oil to us as infants, but nowadays I cannot let go of this magical oil. I am literally one of those people that stock up on a few bottles, as I get extremely aggravated if I can’t find myself some baby oil. Sure it keeps your skin soft but it actually does so much more than that

Personally I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and I swear by it, it has never let me down.

Find out the six benefits of baby oil and how to use it:

1. Using baby oil as a moisturizer and shower oil

Starting at the very top, it is an excellent moisturizer. I recommend applying the baby oil after you are done with the showering process. Usually a loofah exfoliates your skin, removes dead cells, and so applying it after rubbing your skin is the best. Concentrate it on your knees and elbows. Do not wash it all away, just glide the shower hose over the areas you applied it on. After you get out of the shower, just tap your skin with the towel, that way most of the oil gets absorbed into your skin leaving it baby smooth.

2. Baby oil for massages

This goes without saying, baby oil is an excellent massage oil. You get a lovely massage and you leave your skin smooth. Two birds with one stone.

3. Baby oil for bubble baths

Are you a bubble bath person? Well look no further for bubble bath soaps, because with baby oil you can make your own. Pick you favorite scent and add a few drops to a quarter jar of baby oil and shake. After you mix it, you can enjoy a bubble bath with your favorite scent. Read more…

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