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Makeup Tips:How to Apply Liquid Lipstick The Right Way To Look Great And Last All Day

That liquid lipstick is a tried-and-tested makeup essential in every kit isn’t new information. Even newbies will know not to do without it. For work days when you don’t have a minute to spare or parties when you’re dancing all night, you need a lipstick that will keep up with you in every way possible. From long lasting power to stunningly smooth finish, liquid lipstick never fails to deliver. But for it to reach its fullest potential, first it needs to go on correctly. Before you apply liquid lipstick next, follow these steps to do it correctly.

Step 1

Before you even apply lipstick, remove the wand from the tube and run it along the opening. This will remove any excess product which has collected on the wand to prevent any smudges from setting in later on.

Step 2

Once you are in front of the mirror with your lipstick wand in your hand, start by lining the lips at the cupid’s bow. Then join them by lining the rest of the upper lip until the end. If you’re over lining them, only do so at the cupid’s bow and stick to your natural line at the ends.

Step 3

At the bottom, start from either end and merge them in the centre of the bottom lip. Again, if you’re over lining, do so at the centre of the bottom lip and move to the natural line at the ends. This is to ensure it looks natural when it is finished.

Step 4

Finally when both lips are completely lined, fill them in with the liquid lipstick. Use a small quantity to create a thin coat of lipstick that doesn’t weigh down on the lips. Do this with swift, small motions as it sets rather quickly on the lips. Read More…………

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