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Jojoba Oil Is Remarkable For Your Skin

Jojoba oil is incredibly beneficial and has remarkable effects on your skin. Jojoba oil provides sebum, the oil naturally made by the body to hydrate the skin. The similarities between your natural oil and jojoba oil help prevent jojoba from clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Let’s read on with us to discuss the details.

It’s packed with antioxidants:

Jojoba oil naturally contains antioxidants, including vitamin E. Antioxidants help counteract the daily damage of free radicals. You can get them through your diet by eating colorful fruits and vegetables and by applying antioxidant-rich products to your skin.  

Keep in mind that the body naturally produces free radicals as part of the oxidative process. However, if those levels get too high, which they can when you also consider that you can accumulate free radicals from the environment, they can damage your skin cells and cause premature aging. 

It can help regulate oil production:

Remember how oil is non-comedogenic? Those same properties can help regulate your skin’s oil production. Your skin adjusts sebum production based on the moisture it perceives. If you use it, the skin reduces the overall amount of sebum it produces. Consequently, this fabulous oil can help regulate oil production, which is especially helpful if you have oily skin. 

It can kill some bacteria and fungi:

Jojoba has some antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can’t kill ALL bacteria or fungi, but anything that helps keep the microbe count down is a plus

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Dr. Sayyam Azam is a certified dermatologist who has specialized in Clinical Dermatology (Pakistan) and Aesthetic Medicine (US). During her specialization, she was involved in multiple clinical as well as aesthetic dermatological procedures such as botox, fillers, and chemical peels.  As a licensed dermatologist, she is now running a state-of-the- art Aesthetic Center (The Face Clinic) in Multan, Pakistan.

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