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Jelly, a dessert full of benefits

Jelly is obtained from animal tissues like tendons, ligaments, bones, and skin, and is composed of proteins rich in collagen. This sumptuous dish has become one of the most famous desserts globally. Because even a person whose on a diet can eat this. Eating Jelly has a lot of benefits, especially for women, because it increases collagen, making us look better.

Nutritionists recommend that we include Jelly in our diet because of all the benefits it produce. However, it is not a food that brings vitamins or minerals to our body, compared to fruits. When you buy them in the supermarket, make sure to check the amount of sugar present. If you can find low-sugar jelly, get it instead. Excess sugar can cause metabolic and physiologic alterations, so it is better to avoid it. In general, when you have the option to choose something with less sugar, take that opportunity to limit your overall consumption of sugar.

Here you have some of the benefits of Jelly

  1. Fights the aging: after we turn 20, our collagen production starts decreasing. Jelly will boost collagen production making our skin firm and youthful.
  2. Weight control: jelly has high protein and fiber content, increases growth hormone production, metabolism, and stops cravings.
  3. Beauty: contains keratin that improves hair, skin, and nail conditions.
  4. Improves sleep: jelly contains glycine, which stimulates certain neurotransmitters and enzymes that increase quality and quantity of sleep, and at the same time helps us to recover energy
  5. Healthy Bones and Joints: boosts cartilage development, prevents osteoporosis, keeps adequate mineral bone density, and adds proteins, selenium, and other elements to our body.
  6. Improves healing process: helps regenerate new skin and increase scarring process. Thanks to glycine, contains proteins that prevent muscle degeneration after exercise.
  7. Boosts immune system: enhances our capacity to fight diseases and infections, contains proline for a better immune system


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