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How to Remove Skin Tags with Garlic

Some of those common diseases usually in adults are the uncomfortable and unsightly skin tags. A disease of the skin that can even generate discomfort and pain. Generally these tags are the alarm to a weakened immune system, so any external treatment that you are going to adopt to eliminate them, should always be accompanied by a strengthening of the immune system through healthy and natural food. This will prevent the proliferation of skin tags.

Is Garlic Good for Skin Tags?

  • It is effective if it is applied continuously. Even more effective if combined with other natural products such as lemon, olive oil, coconut, honey, etc.
  • Garlic is one of the most effective and potent natural antibiotics and antimicotics.
  • The main active compound is Allicin, frequently used in the production of commercial antibiotics.
  • Garlic promotes cell regeneration so generally when doing a skin treatment with garlic there will leave no scars.

How To Use Garlic on Skin Tags

The use of garlic as a cutaneous remedy is very versatile. Being a natural product and usual consumption, it can be both ingested and applied in creams, pastes and oils. Moreover, the regular use of both (ingested and applied) will potentiate the elimination of the annoying tags.

1. Garlic Paste for Skin Tags

There are several very effective recipes that ensure that by combining garlic with natural ingredients the elimination of skin tags is potentiated.



  • For the preparation of the garlic paste it will be enough to crush a clove of peeled garlic until obtaining a paste texture.
  • Its application you must take into account that the skin must be completely clean.
  • For that I recommend you wash the affected area with clean water and neutral soap.
  • Apply the paste on the wart and with a gauze or band-aid cover the area.
  • Leave on for a few hours and remove with fresh water.

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