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How to Make Sugar Wax at Home: 3 Easy Foolproof DIY Recipes

If you want to learn how to make sugar wax at home you are in the right place because I have 3 foolproof DIY recipes to share with you.

If you are still using a razor to get rid of unwanted hair or going to a beauty salon to get your waxing done, you should read this.

In this DIY age, many treatments that professionals perform can be done in the comfort of our houses in more convenient ways.

You can make your own sugar wax at home with available ingredients from your kitchen.

And the best benefit of all is the money you are going to save. If you go to the salon every month, making your own homemade sugar wax is going to save you serious bucks.

What Is Sugar Wax?


It is a natural way of removing body and facial hair using a paste made of sugar, lemon, and water. It is very similar in texture and color to honey.

People usually sugar wax at home because is more convenient and cheaper but there are some beauty salons offering this treatment too. It can be used in all skin types, even sensitive skin.

7 Sugar Wax Tips for A Perfect Recipe


1 – You can use white or brown sugar for the recipes. I like to use white sugar for mine because I find that the wax gets too dark when I use brown sugar.

2. To prevent burning the sugar set the heat to medium until starts simmering and then to low. (I set mine, in an electric stove, to 4 to begin with and then lower to 2)

3. As soon as the golden brown color (similar to honey) begins to show, remove it from the stove. This can take several minutes, depending on the intensity of the heat.

4. Make sure the container you use to transfer the wax is heat resistant.

5. Allow the mixture to cool and always check the temperature before applying it. In case you burn yourself, pour cold water on the area. You can also rub ice or apply aloe vera gel, cold cucumber, or cold milk.

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