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How to Apply Eyeshadow

Always apply your eyeshadow after you’ve finished with your concealer. Start with a Lid Primer or sweep on a loose translucent powder.  This step will help your shadow stay in place as well as allow the colors to show truer.


With an eye shadow brush, sweep a neutral, light color from your brow all the way to your lashes.  La Bella Donna Candlelight Cream Colour  ($68) is a gorgeous base that can be worn on any occasion! It doubles as a cheek highlighter, too!   Use a medium tone from your lash line to the crease of your eye lid.  Next, take a darker shade and brush it into the crease of your lid with a small brush.  Blend like crazy!  Remember, you want to build your eyeshadow, so start with a small amount of products and add as needed.

Tricks of the Trade:

Studies have shown that people find symmetrical faces beautiful.  Consider your face shape, and use the controuing tips below to enhance or create symmetry. Remember, not all “looks” are flattering on everyone. With makeup, you always want to work with what you got!

If you have eyes that are close together, place the light color on the inner corner of your eye and start your medium and dark colors at the mid point. This will draw the whole look outward.

If your eyes are wide set, bring a shadow liner all the way into the corner of your eyelids next to the bridge of your nose.  Try Glo Minerals Cream Eye Liner ($19). It comes in five beautiful colors!  The creamy formula is perfect for creating lots of looks.

If your eyes are small, stick to lighter shades. Yep! Little known secret darker shades actually minimize your eyes!

Have droopy or tired looking eyes? Apply shadow to the outer corner of your eyes and extend your eyeliner into a slight cat eye to add lift to your look. I use a Glo Minerals Angled Eye Brush  ($24) to create my cat eye. Read more

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