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Home remedies for stretch marks.

You must understand that there are no products or treatments able to completely eliminate stretch marks; however, they can be improved with home remedies and medical treatments. 

Stretch marks are often seen commonly on women because the skin is thinner compared with men’s skin, and they are caused by excessive skin stretching or the chronic use of topical and oral steroids. 

The best treatment is always prevention since once they are formed, their aspect won’t improve completely, especially if the skin is already healed (white stretch marks).

Here you have a list of ingredients that are easy to find and that will help you to improve your stretch marks appearance:

  • Sweet almond oil: Provides elasticity to our skin due to the high vitamin E content.
  • Horsetail: This is one of the most used ingredients to treat stretch marks, mostly because of the high silica content. It will show noticeable improvement while is applied on pink or purple stretch marks. Horsetail improves the elasticity of the skin and is also used to treat other skin conditions. 
  • Rosehip: You can use it by itself or add it to your moisturizer and apply it every day to the affected area; besides improving stretch mark, appearance can work for scars. 
  • Coconut oil: It comes in different consistencies, and all of them can be used to massage the area doing circular movements. This oil is known for having calming properties.
  • Lemon juice: Has a high amount of vitamin C, therefore, boost collagen production, improving skin appearance.
  • Linseed oil: Can be taken as an oral supplement or apply as a topical product, enhances collagen production due to the high content of Omega 3. 
  • Aloe Vera: It is rich in Vitamin C and E and is used as a moisturizer and sunburn reliever. It not only can be used as prevention but also is therapeutic for stretch marks.

Shea Butter: Always rub it in your hands before applying it to the affected area; it not only will soften the skin but also improve their appearance.

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