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Everything you need to know about Rose Water

Rose water is not a “must-have” on a daily skin routine, but it has a lot of benefits and properties that could make this one of your favorites. It can be used as a toner and for slight skin hydration, however, it can’t still replace your moisturizer. Rose Water is a good complement product, as it works as a booster for specific products.

Benefits of Rose Water

  • Eliminate impurities: can controls excess oil and dirt accumulated on your pores, preventing acne and clogged pores.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties: Helps reduce redness and improve lesions caused by acne and dermatitis.
  • Improves fine lines: contains antioxidants, Protects skin cells, regenerates damaged tissue and increase production of collagen
  • Healing properties: Contains antibacterial properties that are able to heal skin lesions and improves scar healing faster
  • Can make your makeup last longer: you can mix it with a little bit of glycerin and then spray it on your face after your makeup.
  • Improves dark circles and puffiness: apply a wet cotton pad in the area for 10 minutes; this will improve your condition.
  • Calming effect after waxing: you can apply in any area of the body where you did waxing. Spread over the area with a cotton pad, let it absorbed for some minutes, then use your regular moisturizer after.

Every skin type can benefit from this product but be careful when you get your rose water from your beauty store; some of them contain alcohol, which can make your skin dry and cause sensitivity. You can use rose water before applying your makeup and leave it to absorb in order to have fresher skin, or you can also spray it on your face after removing your makeup.

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