If you are like me, you might not have grown up on healthy eating. Both of my parents are baby boomers, and they made changes from what their parents taught them about eating, like removing lard and Crisco! But even with those changes, I grew up on meat and potatoes for about half of my dinners. My dad’s ‘dietary downfall’ was always diet coke.

I would always encourage him to substitute water for coke, as I was concerned he wasn’t hydrating enough, while filling his body with chemicals. His smart aleck response was “what do you think the major ingredient is? Water!” He would always laugh, because he knew I was right. He recently cut back on his diet coke consumption, but this was only after he found out he had prostate cancer.

My mom on the other hand, well she is a cosmopolitan cocktail drinker and loves her some chocolate cake. She is what we like to call a “food pusher”  You know the type! Over the years, through self-education and nutritionists, I have learned a lot about health and nutrition and hope to pass on a better lifestyle of health to my children! Of course, I always want to share my health findings with you. Read more