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Crystals in Skincare and Beauty Products

What are crystals and what do they mean?

Crystals have been around for centuries now. They were used as an accessory for healing back in the day. And they are seen as powerful elements in Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Fast forward to today, there is a growing number of followers who believe that crystals play a role in healing the mind, body, and soul by promoting good energy and eliminating negative energy. And each kind of stone has a significant “power” or use. 

How are they added to skincare?

These crystals are powderized so that they are small enough to be blended in with the skincare. Crystals in Skincare and Beauty ProductsIt can be in the form of cream, lotion, oil, etc.

What can it do for your skin?

Just like the crystals themselves, they are supposed to provide physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Plus, they are believed to rejuvenate the skin, reduce blemishes, and brighten the skin. 

They say that the vibrational energy from the crystals is responsible for the reduction of inflammation, breakouts, and fine lines. 

Although there is no scientific evidence that these crystals provide what they say they can do, some say that the benefits can be attributed to the crushed crystals being able to exfoliate the skin. And as we know, exfoliation helps remove impurities and brighten the skin. 

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Dr. Elli Reyes
Dr. Ellie Reyes

About the Author: Dr. Elli Reyes is a specialist of Aesthetic Medicine from the Philippines. With over four years of specialized training, her aesthetic practice has involved a variety of skin treatments involving Botox, fillers, and the like. As a licensed physician, she has been engaged by multiple clinics and is regularly interviewed by the local media as an expert in the science of the skin. Her research and writings to date have centered on nutrition, functional health, and general beauty.


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