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Can LED light devices do all for your skin?

The skin devices for LED sound good as light-emitting diodes.  They treat everything from lines, redness and aging symptoms, acne, scarring, and black spots.

You have undoubtedly seen one of the increasing numbers of treatments and items on the market if you’ve visited a spa or even a drug store recently. Are these arguments valid? The question is, Can be LED light devices do this for your skin? Really? 

The efficiency of these instruments is too early to tell. Specific small trials have been promising in certain circumstances, although the proof is still not there.

In LED skin therapies, red and blue lights are typically encouraged. The red LED light is a protein that is a significant part of the connective tissue of the skin called fibroblast, which is essential for producing collagen, helping the skin heals if it is harmed. Thus, in principle, red light can help reverse such symptoms associated with the skin. Moreover, some research indicates the red light can lead to hair regeneration for people with hair loss for men and women.

The most popular method of curing acne is by using blue LED light. It could reduce the sebaceous glands’ activity and produce less oil, leading to acne that can plug the hair follicles. Thus, they must be used precisely and wisely.

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