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The Best Facial Treatments to Get During Fall and Winter, According to an Esthetician

As the weather gets cooler, we shift our wardrobe to include warmer layers of clothing—why not take that same approach to our skin care routine? Why not add an extra layer of protection and moisture to our daily skin care routine? Or better yet, why not take that extra step and get a professional treatment?

The Benefits of Professional Facial Treatments

Professional treatments can help shed the damage summertime has caused our skin. Controlled exfoliation breaks down the dead stratum corneum (skin’s outermost layer) cells, allowing your esthetician to treat deeper levels of the skin. Shedding those outer layers of skin also allows fresh cells to regenerate for a fresh fall glow. As an esthetician, I always advise my patients to get professional treatments this time of year to help their skin recover from summer and ease through this seasonal shift, keeping their complexion healthy in time for fall and the coming holidays. Here are other reasons to consider getting in-office treatments:

  1. More potent ingredients, faster results. Don’t get us wrong: At-home skin care products and treatments can be effective when used correctly. However, there are certain results you just can’t achieve without the help of a professional. A professional treatment performed in a clinical facility or spa is going to be more potent than any topical treatment performed at home. A professional simply has access to professional-grade active ingredients that can penetrate more deeply into your skin than any retail product.
  2. Some potent treatments can do more harm than good if done incorrectly. A professional works to adjust and control the pH levels of the skin, by treating both the epidermis and dermis with high-quality professional-grade products, machines and tools. These professional products, if used incorrectly (by a client at home) could really do damage to the skin. Read more

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