You have many types of masks that you can use according to your skin type; you find cream, clay, sheet, peel-off, and magnetic masks. These Magnetic Masks have antiaging effects, improving the skin’s texture and luminosity; this is due to the increase of collagen production. Most of its benefits come from connecting the magnet with the mask, eliminating toxins, and activating cell regeneration.

They are made of mineral powder rich in iron and black tourmaline powder; some brands include ingredients from the dead sea like minerals and vitamins that improve skin condition. Unlike other masks, this type of mask is not removed with water. Instead, it is removed with a magnet that removes excess of product without the need to wash the face.

How do I apply Magnetic Masks?

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These products have a creamy texture so that you can apply as any other mask you have used before, then wait around ten minutes until it dries out and then remove it. Each mask comes with a magnet specially made to remove the mask; cover this magnet with a small plastic cover or a handkerchief to avoid covering with the mask waste. Don’t worry if you feel tingly or heat during this process; it is normal. After this, massage for a few minutes using your fingertips for a couple of minutes. If you still have some leftovers from the mask, remove them with a cleanser.

What are the Benefits?

The Downside of Magnetic Masks

  • Price is higher than other masks; they can cost between $50-$250
  • Are not 100% proven to improve the overall skin condition


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