One of the most used tools in our skincare routine nowadays are Jade Rollers. These have been used since VII century by Ancient Chinese but are not until recently that it became really popular. The idea behind it is fairly simple: Jade is relatively cool to the touch, and has the ability to stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin. “This cooling helps in brightening your complexion. Also, It is mostly used to massage the muscles on your face and increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Still, most of its benefits come from the materials the Jade roller is made of; plus, if you keep it refrigerated, benefits will increase.

Some new rollers called “Spiked Jade Roller” are designed for a more intensive lymphatic drainage and should be used in areas that need extra stimulation. Also, some rollers come with other types of stones or even vibrations to enhance the experience.

Spiked Jade Rollers

What are the benefits of Jade Rollers?

When should I use it?

You can use it anytime during the day or even before sleep. You can use it by itself or in combination with your skincare products like cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. Make sure you do it daily to see the benefits immediately.

How should I use Jade Rollers?

  • Forehead area, cheeks, and neck: use it in upwards movements
  • Eyelids and glabellar area: use horizontal movements going from the center of your face toward the ears
  • Chin: use vertical movements towards the ears.

Even if they are one of the most famous products, they cannot work on deep lines and wrinkles; for this, you will need another type of treatments like botox, fillers, radiofrequency, or peelings to address the specific concerns; though these rollers are fantastic to apply products because they stimulate the skin while doing it.


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