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A Guide To Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage

Everyone is fond of hairstyling and most hairstyles involve use of curlers, straighteners, and other hair damaging products. Frequent use of these can damage your hair and can cause long-lasting effects on your hair. To fix up this major issue with your hair you need to follow some remedies side by side while you can still protectively prioritize your styling. 

A Guide To Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage

Keep on reading for the tips to protect your hair well:

Treat your hair well:

Your hair deserves special attention and care, even when not using hot tools. Keep your hair and scalp properly cleaned, conditioned, and well-hydrated. Use safe products, avoiding harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens, which can strip hair and leave strands feeling brittle and damaged

Apply a hair mask:

Applying a hair mask will prepare your hair for the upcoming idea of hairstyle. Once a week after shampooing, use a hair mask in place of your regular conditioner. Look for active ingredients like argan oil, which aid in hair strengthening.  

A Guide To Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage

Use hair protectant: 

Before using your favorite hot tool, apply a hair protectant as a line of defense against heat and keep locs moisturized. These products, which often contain silicones and other organic substances, help prevent significant damage when styling with a curling or flat iron.

Set the right temperature:

Always select the hot tool whose temperature can be regulated so you have to opt to adjust the temperature as per the thickness of your hair. 

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