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8 Back Blasting Workout Tips To Improve Size & Strength

The back is an often neglected and underworked muscle group. The average lifter either works it with a half-effort, using only lat pulldowns and uninspired rowing reps or just doesn’t care about making the back as brutally strong as possible. Strength

If you are not one of these guys and want as much back size and strength as possible, read on. I will be sharing some of my favorite backs building tips. This article will help you improve your back workouts, and as a result, build a thicker, stronger, and more impressive back. You will learn everything from how to structure a basic back workout to how to increase your rowing power and speed.

Maximize Your Back Training

Tip #1 – Target your back with the big 3 each week

The 3 bases I recommend for a solid back training week include:

  • Deadlifts
  • A row (Barbell row, dumbbell row, T-bar row or seated cable row)
  • A pull (Pull-ups, lat pulldowns or rack chins/inverted rows)

If you are using a body part split, start your backs training day with deadlifts and then move on to a row and pull. If you are using a full-body workout, I recommend using only one of these exercises per training day. Here is a schedule I typically recommend:

  • Monday – Row exercise
  • Wednesday – Deadlifts
  • Friday – Pull exercise

Dumbbell Rows

Tip #2 – Learn how to row and pull properly

Incorrect pulling and rowing is one of the biggest mistakes I see in the gym. Lifters tend to use mostly arms (biceps) to pull and row because they are never instructed on how to incorporate more of the upper backs into the movement.

Here is how I instruct trainees to pull and row.

  • Initiate the movement by driving the shoulder(s) backs.
  • Immediately concentrate on driving the elbow(s) backs in concert with your shoulder movement.

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