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20 Tips for Optimal Eye Health

Most of us are well aware of the five senses bestowed to us through which we interact with our environment, i.e. vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, right? But how many of you have ever really wondered which of these is considered as the most valuable. Health

Sure, each of these senses is invaluable in its own right, but the vision is considered to be the most important of all, as it is used to perceive about 80% of all impressions.

So, now you’re getting a better idea of why you should tend to your eye health much more seriously, and if not, it’s going to hurt your pocket as well. Wait a minute, did I just say ‘your pocket’? Let me get it right, it hurts ‘our’ pockets!

Wondering how? Let me refer you to a study titled ‘The Economic Burden of Vision Loss and Eye Disorders in the United States’, according to which vision problems cost the US government about $139 billion annually.

In fact, neglecting eye care not only affects you financially, but it also affects your quality of life. One in six American adults (aged 45 and above) suffer from one or the other type of eye problems and the risks associated with vision loss only grow as you age. According to estimates by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), by 2020, 43 million-plus Americans will be affected by age-related eye diseases.

If eye problems like cataract, low vision, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy make you cringe, you better protect your eyesight, because a little eye care now will go a long way in maintaining your eyesight in later years of your life. One of the best ways is to follow these 10 tips for optimal eye health.

1: Healthy Diet Healthy Eyesight

Yes, it starts as simple as that; you are what you eat and so is your eyesight.

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