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When Should You Worry About Skin Tags, Moles, and Birthmarks?

Sometimes the skin can do unexpected things, right?

As if we don’t have enough to deal with in our modern lives, these surprise, quirky little “skin issues” can pop up demanding our attention.

Kind of like UFO’s, I think of these as USO’s – Unidentified Skin Objects.

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In case you’re dealing with skin tags, moles, or birthmarks and finding them harder to ignore lately, I feel you!

And I want you to know that’s sort of a good thing. Why?

Because research is showing how critical it is to detect skin cancer early by monitoring your skin for any changes or any new USO’s that pop up.

Know the marks and moles on your body, and watch for changes, beauties.

Ultimately, I find that the more we know about our skin and its changes, the less likely those changes are to trigger undue fears and worries about our health.

In the interest of worry-free summer days, I’ll tackle the issue head-on today and give you the lowdown on what causes birthmarks, moles, and skin tags, how to safely remove them, or how to cover them up on the days when you want them gone. Read more

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