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The Best Skin Care for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The Best Skin Care for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

A growing pregnancy bump can do more than just leave you with some sleepless nights. And frequent backache—it’s the cause of dreaded stretch marks around your stomach, hips and breasts. While you can’t totally prevent stretch marks from appearing, you can adapt your skin care routine both during and after pregnancy to help reduce their appearance and keep much-needed moisture locked into the skin. Body butters and prescription topical treatments can improve (although not prevent) the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.

Body Butters and Body Oils

For many pregnant women, stretch marks tend to zigzag their way across the stomach during the second and third trimester. While there is little scientific evidence to suggest any moisturizer that can prevent stretch marks, a rich, heavy-duty moisturizer will relieve the uncomfortable itchiness that inevitably comes with new stretch marks, giving you one less pregnancy side effect to worry about.

Remember the Sunblock

We all know that SPF is an essential part of any skin care routine, but it’s especially important when pregnancy stretch marks are concerned. Whether you have red or purple marks or your stretch marks have faded to a silver-gray hue postpartum, stretch marks are scars that will never tan, although the surrounding skin will. Don’t put on that bikini or two-piece suit without applying sunblock or you run the risk of your scars looking more prominent against the rest of your skin when exposed to sun.

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