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The Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Skin

Two keywords – refreshing and hydrating, that’s what comes to mind when you see watermelon, especially in the summertime. But guess what, it turns out that it has quite the benefits for your skin as well.

Here are a few benefits to get the best of watermelon’s skin-friendly properties!

Watermelon seeds lock in moisture:

The seeds of a fully cooked watermelon are not as well-known as the fruit, but they provide protein, fatty acids, and ceramides that help your skin retain moisture. Additionally, magnesium is found in watermelon seeds, which might help your acne by reducing cortisol levels and regulating your hormones

The Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Skin

To soothe inflamed skin, use the rind:

The watermelon’s green rind has a reputation for reducing inflammation and redness in sensitive skin. Alternatively, look for face masks that have watermelon rind as an ingredient. You may actually apply watermelon rinds (insides down) straight to your skin for a D.I.Y. watermelon mask on troubled areas. If you decide to make your own mask, be sure to cool the rind in the fridge before using a knife to slice it into pieces that are so thin they may be applied to your face or other areas of skin that are inflamed.

And the most important thing is to eat it!

Numerous vital nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and E which are known to help treat and prevent dull, damaged skin, and are found in watermelon. Vitamin A is essential for the development and maintenance of your skin cells, so if you don’t get enough of it, you risk having dry, flaky-looking skin. 

Meanwhile, vitamin C may protect your skin from UV damage and reduce wrinkles by increasing collagen, and vitamin E, a vital antioxidant that helps skin recover from conditions like hyperpigmentation and free radical damage.

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Dr. DonikaAbout the Author: Dr. Donika Vata is a medical doctor from Ferizaj, Kosovo. She studied general medicine from University of Hasan Prishtina.
Dr. Vata has been writing about medical and skincare related issue in journals, social media websites, and books. She was working for some well reputed clinics such as Telehealth Pro- Online consultations, German Cancer Center, and AppLMD. Dr. Donika was also volunteering in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Currently, she is working as a medical doctor and researcher in a dermatology clinic.



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