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Keep Your Skin Happy and Healthy

Bye-bye clogged pores, nasty oils and other impurities.

The skin on your face has a life of its own. Or does it? In reality our skin is impacted by what we eat and drink, by the environment we’re in and above all, by how we treat it.

Hydrate for a brighter day

One of the most important things to do if we’re aiming for clear skin is to drink plenty of water. The magical elixir to improving overall health, promoting youthful glow and breakout-free skin is the good old glass of water. Actually eight of them a day, on average. Keeping yourself hydrated helps your body remove waste – including harmful substances that damage your skin.

Eat clean & use sunscreen

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to eat whatever we want and get away with it. After a night of indulging in deep-fried food, we see the consequences as early as the next morning when the first breakouts pop up. Therefore we should be careful regarding our food choices. Of course onion rings and fries are delicious and personally, I have no plans on giving these up. But making an effort to eat healthier and balance it all out could improve your skin remarkably.

The consequences of sun exposure might not be visible as quickly. But they are so much worse in the long run: extra wrinkles and lines and other nasty aging signs. Please, for the love of health and skin, use sunscreen! Read more…

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