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Injectable Deoxycholic Acid

Fortunately, there is a wide spectrum of options if you don’t feel comfortable with how any area of your body and face looks, but what you can do about the submental fat also referred as “double chin”? Keep reading to find out your options if you are struggling and in need for a change!

What is injectable deoxycholic acid?

Our bodies naturally produce deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats.

Precisely because of its cytolytic effect (meaning that it breaks down cells in fatty tissue) it is used to improve the appearance of your profile by directly affecting submental fat. 

Deoxycholic Acid

How does it work?

To see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, your doctor will first assess your neck and your submental region to evaluate if it is in need for this procedure.  Locations of the injections are then marked. 

Prior to this procedure, numbing agents by topical application or injection may be utilized for a painless experience. The fatty tissue is then injected with little amounts of deoxycholic acid in a grid-like pattern. 

In order to correct submental fullness, patients will require 3-6 therapy sessions. 

Deoxycholic acid injections are administered every 4-6 weeks. 

Over the course of the following few weeks, the body naturally eliminates the broken-down fatty tissue.   

Who is the right candidate?

DA is not recommended for patients who have:

  1. Current infection in the treatment area.
  2. Blood-clotting problems.
  3. Swallowing difficulties.
  4. An allergy to any of the product ingredients.
  5. Patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
What you can expect after the procedure?

Patients will experience swelling after their procedure. The most noticeable swelling can last from 5-14 days, but small areas of swelling may persist for 4-6 weeks. Most patients will begin to notice improvement of their submental fullness 4-6 weeks after their first treatment, but for optimal results 3-6 treatments are needed.

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Dr. Donika

About the Author: Dr. Donika Vata is a medical doctor from Ferizaj, Kosovo. She studied general medicine from University of Hasan Prishtina.
She has been writing about medical and skincare related issue in journals, social media websites, and books. She was working for some well reputed clinics such as Telehealth Pro- Online consultations, German Cancer Center, and AppLMD. Dr. Donika was also volunteering in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Currently, she is working as a medical doctor and researcher in a dermatology clinic.

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