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If You Shave or Wax Your Body Hair, You Must Know These Important Facts

We are women, and predominantly, have dark hair. We thus tend to shave/wax more than people with lighter hair. If you do not see the need to, that’s a completely individual choice. But you can refer this fact-sheet to a friend who would rather get rid of the fuzz than sport it.

Thus begins the rigmarole of threading, plucking, waxing, shaving, laser hair reduction, over and over again. We can choose not to if we want, but if you are one to love no-fuzz and resort to shaving or waxing, here are some important things you should know. They are critical for your skin’s health.

Shaving – Lowdown

“Don’t shave, wax…your hair growth reduces and your legs will be smoother longer.” You’ve heard this before and we know it. Do you think this is true? Let’s look at some myths and facts we know all too well and get down to busting or affirming them, shall we?

1. Hair Grows Back Thicker, Denser and Pokier!

Incorrect. Shaving does not make your hair grow back thicker and faster. Your hormones and genetics are the only things that control this. But you can swear by it! Well, this is what actually happens. When you shave, your hair gets cut on the surface and not in the natural way a hair strand narrows at the tip. This makes it appear thicker and pokey.

2. Dry Shaving is A-Okay

Not recommended. Remember, a blade is running over your delicate skin layer. Water helps the razor blade glide smoothly over your skin. In fact, we’d recommend using conditioner to soften hair before you shave it.

3. Shaving Every Day Is Bad For Your Skin

Actually, shaving everyday removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smoother. If you have faster hair growth, it is completely okay to shave every day. Some of us prefer to let our hair grow out a little and that is okay too.

4. It Is Okay To Share a Razor

Bet you thought we were okay to say its okay. It is not. The obvious reason is that it isn’t hygienic at all. Secondly, someone else’s razor may not be best for your skin or vice versa. This is true especially if you are sharing with your husband, as men’s razors have blades designed for men’s facial hair.

5. New Razor Blades Cut More

Actually, old blades that are blunt tend to cause more nicks and cuts because we tend to press them down harder on our skin. Either way, be careful to only glide the blade smoothly over your skin. Putting excess pressure on the razor can also cause cuts.

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