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How to Put Eyeliner on Small Eyes

As the “windows of your soul,” your eyes might be considered the most important part of your face. Enhance small eyes with eyeliner, which can brighten your eyes and make them seem bigger. Start by applying eyeliner to your upper lids. Experiment with ways to use less heavy liner on your lower lids so your eyes look bigger. You can also try lining your eyes with different colors that can really open up your eyes.

Lining Your Upper Lid

Apply taupe eye shadow along your upper lash line

Extend it to the crease in your eyelid. Draw a line from the middle of your upper eyelid to the outer corner with your eyeliner. Make the line a little thicker at the outer edge of your lid and have it taper in toward the center.

  • Make your eyes seem larger by only lining the outer ½ to ⅔ of your upper lid.

Smudge your liner

Blend and smudge the liner with your fingertip. Clean up any extra color with a clean fingertip or a quick wipe of concealer. Do this so your eyes look bigger than they would with a tight, well-defined line.

Set your eyeliner with brown eye shadow

Use an angled eyeliner brush to draw a line of shadow on top of your smudged eyeliner. Sweep a light pink eye shadow along the outer edges of your lid. Extend the pink shadow from the crease in your lid up to your brow bone. This will open up your eye and make it appear larger.

Blend your liner into your lashes for a more minimal look

Start in the inner corner of your eye. Make short strokes along the roots of your lashes with a creamy, dark-colored pencil. Keep the line thin and extend it across the entire upper lid of your eye. Doing this will make your lashes look fuller and your eyes seem bigger. Read More……..

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