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How to help make morning-after puffy eyes disappear

If you woke up this morning with swollen, puffy bags under your eyes, here are a few simple do-it-yourself remedies to help make them disappear.

Try a vegetable treatment

Remember how old-time Hollywood actresses used to put cucumber slices on their eyelids? This is one old-fashioned remedy that still works — and if you don’t have cucumbers, you can also use cold potatoes.

  • Both cucumbers and potatoes have natural astringent properties that can help decrease swelling. Simply place the slices on your puffy lids for about 10 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Take a tea break

Chilled caffeinated tea bags make an ideal compress for puffy eyes because they contain tannins, a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as caffeine, which draws excess water away and shrinks blood vessels.

  • Place the bags in hot water for a few minutes, squeeze them out, and chill them in the refrigerator. Close your eyes and place the chilled bags on your lids for at least 20 minutes.
  • Green tea works especially well because it contains antioxidants.
  • You can also use herbal teas such as chamomile, which also is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Whip up an egg

When it comes to puffy eyes, a little egg on your face can be a good thing.

  • Just whip up one egg white until it’s stiff, then apply it with a soft cloth or makeup brush to the swollen areas around your eyelids.
  • Egg white has protein and plenty of anti-inflammatory agents that can help reduce the appearance of swelling.

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