While everyone loves to adore you beautiful smile and face, the part which remains ignore are your hands. Hands are the busiest parts of your body, which lacks attention every time. When you get a cut, or sometime when your hands start cracking during extreme winter days, there you pay attention to the hands. They end up drying or I should say, over drying and looking rough. About factors that lead to rough, dry cracked hands are many.

How to Heal Dry Cracked Hands Naturally:

But don’t lose hope. You can give your hands a proper treatment to soft and supple hands and all that is possible with right and proper care. You can also try some simple home remedies to enjoy softer, younger-looking hands. Here are the easy home remedies to treat your dry cracked hands.

1. Coconut oil :

If you know, coconut oil is one the best oil to the skin, hair and body. Right from the time when a child is born in the family, coconut oil plays a major role on your skin. If you have dried and rough hands, massage your hands with coconut oil every day. What you can do is, heat coconut oil for not more than 2 minutes, and then give a nice massage to your hands. You can wear gloves after you apply coconut oil to the hands, and leave it overnight.

2. Honey :

Honey is a versatile element, that can be used irrespective of any season. You can actually use it all the three seasons round the year. Due to anti-bacterial properties, honey proves extremely beneficial over skin. Rubbing honey on your hands can help to smoothen the skin and also prevent them from becoming rough. Attentively, you can also rub honey with some glycerin and apply on your hands and leave it or 15 minutes. Now wash off with Luke warm and apply moisturizer. Another way to apply honey is make a paste of honey and lemon juice, which you usually apply on the face. Now apply this pack on your hands, and wash off with Luke warm water. Honey prevents the sign of ageing on skin therefore you can apply it by mixing with olive oil. A combination of honey and olive oil helps to moisturize the skin and also maintain its ph. value.

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