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How Adding Salt To Bucket Of Bath Water Proved To Be A Game-Changer

Bath salts are rarely talked about in countries like India, where the practice of bathing in tubs is uncommon. For the few among us acquainted with the concept of bath salts, these items are simply a luxurious, fragranced indulgence, made using aromatic essential oils. But it’s more than a fancy way to pamper yourself.

Salt Water Bath Benefits

Adding bath salts to your regular ol’ bucket of warm bath water can have a lot of advantages, and here are some benefits of salt water bath which I observed.

1. Such salts relieve muscle tension and help you relax

It all started the day I added some sea salt to a bucket of warm water and soaked my feet in the solution. The pain from a day of mall-crawling subsided, and my sore feet regained their strength. So, when I woke up with muscle tension on my shoulders a few weeks later, I thought, why not bathe with it? Since warm water already relaxes muscles and soothes pain, maybe adding salt will enhance its benefits? I was not disappointed.

2. The minerals in these salts enrich your skin

On the days when I bathed using water containing salts, my skin was softer, less irritated, and lacking the itchy tautness I notice on other days. Apparently, this happens because the skin absorbs the minerals in salts through dermal absorption, and this helps it stay healthy and hydrated.

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