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6 Money And Time Saving Beauty Hacks That Every 20-Something Should Know

6 Money And Time Saving Beauty Hacks That Every 20-Something Should Know

Beauty is always changing and the industry is constantly asking you to buy more and more products. There are specified products for every problem area and a gazillion things to choose from including face oils, face cleansers, makeup cleansers, scalp exfoliators, hair perfumes, and the list goes on. However, all of this costs money and requires time and we’re here to tell you ways you can save both while following a beauty regime. Beauty Hack Beauty

Thanks to social media, hacks are all the rage right now- people are mending broken plates, finding hidden spoons in Nutella jars, and even DIYing their whole life around. We thought for beauty lovers like you, we’d do a skincare and makeup version of it. Beauty Hack

Here Are 6 Beauty Hack That’ll Change Your Life For The Better

Cause what doesn’t scream desi like a paisa wasool attitude and jugaad all the way?!

Use A Bronzer As An Eyeshadow

This is a hack I use all the time when I’m running late or when I want to rock a no-makeup makeup look. I use a bronzer to warm my cheeks and add the slightest bit of contour and then take some on a fluffy brush and use it as an eyeshadow to add some depth.

Make Your Foundation Last Longer

You may not be using your liquid foundation as much thanks to social isolation but on days that you need a slight coverage without having a full-face on, add in a drop of moisturiser to your foundation. This will extend the use of the foundation and give you light coverage.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

The Korean beauty 11-step ritual is amazing but requires way too much time, effort, and money. What we would suggest is instead of reading a hundred million reviews and hoarding a ton of products, listen to what your skin needs and specialise your beauty regime for it. Ideally, you should cleanse, tone, moisturise every day but if your skin needs hydration, a sheet mask or a face oil would work well.

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