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Harsh Winters: The Ultimate Time To Pamper Your Skin

Winters are the specific time in the year when your skin needs ultimate care because the skin can be extremely dry and itchy during this time. Living with such yearning skin can be very challenging while you enjoy the beautiful winter weather. A great number of tips can be followed to treat excessive dryness. Before you use those tips, ensure that the tips you follow make your skin glowing and soft even in cold weather. 

Make moisturizer a regular part of your skincare routine: For the best possible results, apply it right after you have taken a bath and dried up yourself. This will hydrate your skin and maintain water concentration in your skin cells.

Harsh Winters: The Ultimate Time To Pamper Your Skin

Consider sunscreen your best friend: When sunlight falls on our skin, it produces a free radical that further makes our skin dry and patchy. Make sunscreen the daily part of your products that you apply on your face, the sunscreen providing an SPF of 30 or higher will be excellent to use.
Use of Lukewarm water: Lukewarm water will maintain the levels of essential oil in your skin. At the same time, the extremely unbearable hot water will eradicate the reserve of oil from your skin.
Be gentle with your delicate skin: Whatever products you use on your face, apply the skincare products very softly to moisturize the skin. It would be best not to make it too hard because that will ultimately destroy your skin cells. 

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About the Author: Dr. Iqra Mubashar is a registered Pharmacist originally from Lahore, Pakistan. She has earned her pharmacy degree from the University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore. She has completed her internship as a trainee from Children hospital, Lahore. She has completed her research work in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutics. She has worked as a healthcare documentation head in Al-Qasim enterprises, Islamabad. She has specialized in prescription handling, drugs information, literature research, patient counseling, and pharmaceutical care planning. Her research work on coronavirus is under publication.

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