Go Green With Beauty!

Lets help out our environment by going GREEN with beauty! Here are some ways that we can help our environment by starting with the products we use.

Use A Drinking Straw:

Makeup artists suggest that we should drink through a straw whenever possible.  This will avoid messing up lipstick and allows it to last longer. Extra Tip: Tray and help out our environment by using a reusable glass straw.

Go Multi-Purpose

Shop for all-in-one makeup sticks that could be used for the eyes, lips and cheeks.  Also, try and hunt for moisturizers that can also act as a sunscreen.  Multi-use products will help you cut down the cost and cut down the environmental waste!

Oil: The New Moisturizer

Try switching your normal moisturizers to botanical oil moisturizers. This will make your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom! I love using 100’s Pure Nourishing Facial Oil. This facial oil smells great and is full of antioxidants.

Brush For Nature:

We advise you to buy makeup brushes that are made from sustainable materials like bamboo and bristles. These synthetic fibers will help our environment by protecting animals (animal hairs) and will blend just as well! Read more

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