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Get Rid of Wrinkles in 6 Easy Steps

Do you dread the onset of wrinkles and fine lines that threaten to spoil your youthful looks? Some easy to implement lifestyle changes can come to your rescue. These natural ways to remove wrinkles can get your skin looking great in no time!

Who doesn’t want supple, wrinkle-free skin? But rather than resort to miracle age creams to lighten the lines on your face, why not look for natural ways to get rid of wrinkles? These time-tested tips are safer and do the job just as well or even better!

How to Reduce Wrinkles from Your Face Naturally

1. Beware of the sun

The sun may be a life-giving force but it doesn’t love your skin. One of the best ways to reduce wrinkles is to be careful when you step out. Try not to go out in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. However, whether the skies are clear or gloomy, protect your skin with a good sunscreen, umbrella and hat. Cover your eyes with UV-resistant sunglasses to reduce wrinkles under the eyes.

2. Quit smoking

If you smoke, be prepared to see wrinkles sooner rather than later. One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles (and other dangerous diseases!) is to stay away from cigarettes. The enzymes produced by cigarettes break down the elastin and collagen in your skin – proteins responsible for giving skin its suppleness.

3. Get your beauty sleep

Are you sleeping enough? If you’re a mom with young kids, probably not! Lack of sleep can trigger your body to produce too much cortisol – a hormone that breaks down cells. This makes your skin inelastic and you slowly develop wrinkles. Another tip to reduce wrinkles is to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side or face down can cause lines on your cheeks and chin.

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