10 Easy Tips and Tricks for Braided Hairstyles

The braid…everyone’s favorite easy, chic hairstyle. But did you know your favorite go-to hairstyle may be causing more damage to your hair than you think. Tight braids can wreak havoc on your hair, unless you start following these 10 simple tips and tricks for braided hairstyles. And while you’re at it, give these 3 easy braided hairstyles a try!

1. Keep your braids loose

Keeping your hair in a tight braid (or even a tight ponytail for that matter) can cause your hair to break away from its roots, resulting in splitting, hair weakness and follicle damage. Too tight braids can also cause tensile stress which can then lead to serious hair loss conditions like traction alopecia. Instead, wear your braid loose and change up your hairstyle every few days so you’re not putting the same stress on your hair.

2. Use Pure Fiji’s Nourishing Exotic Oil for your braided hairstyles

To keep your hair damage free, you need to make sure you are only using enough tension to create even smooth braids. Using a hair oil while braiding will help keep it smooth and keep fly-aways under control. Pure Fiji’s exotic bath and body oil not only moisturizes your hair, it also nourishes and protects. Regular use of this heavenly blend of coconut and exotic nut extracts on your hair can dramatically reduce protein loss and damage that occurs during styling and braiding. Use it as an overnight treatment to improve the overall health and vitality of your hair.

3. Don’t sleep in braids

Try your best to avoid sleeping in braids every single night if you can. But if it’s something you really can’t bear to pass up, take the right precautions before you do. Keep your braid loose and always make sure your hair is dry – not wet – before you braid. Read more

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