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Do you know the benefits of niacinamide for your skin?

Also known as Vitamin B3, niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that is an essential nutrient for the body’s cells’ development and function; when we consume it in foods (like salmon and brown rice), it helps the body convert that food into energy.

Niacinamide works with the skin’s natural substances to help minimize enlarged pores, improve uneven skin tone, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, diminish dullness and strengthen a weakened surface.

What are the effects or benefits to the skin?

The skin uses niacinamide to improve various processes, such as repairing damaged DNA, regenerating cellular energy, and reducing the sun’s ultraviolet rays’ effects.

It improves tone and diminishes dark spots. Decreases sebum and oil production and helps with the inflammatory process of acne and rosacea.

Moisturizes the skin and does not irritate like other anti-aging ingredients. 

Should a skin expert be consulted to start using them?

Ideally, a dermatologist will always have an excellent knowledge of the best products to use for each skin type. Sometimes, it is not possible to go to an expert, and you can use very good drugstore products with excellent ingredients and vehicles. 

How to incorporate them into your beauty routine, and what kind of products contain them?

The good news is that niacinamide is gentle; even people with sensitive skin, such as those struggling with rosacea, can use niacinamide.

It is often added to rosacea products because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When shopping for this ingredient, look for a product with 2 to 10% niacinamide.

It can be difficult to know how to incorporate a new product or ingredient into your daily routine, so here’s what I advise: After washing your skin, use your “active” anti-aging (such as retinol, vitamin C, or an alpha hydroxy acid) and finish by applying the niacinamide.

You can use it in combination with your favorite moisturizer and apply both at the same time. 

Is there an ideal age to start using them?

It is recommended to add to your daily skin routine after the age of 18, but in general, I formulate it for those over 25.

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