Easy DIY At-Home Bath and Body Spa Treatments

Pinterest recently revealed that over half (56%) of American respondents feel the need to incorporate more self-care into their lives as they prepare for fall; such as eat more healthily (42%), exercising more/ adopting a new fitness regime (36%), and taking care of their bodies (36%). While investing in efforts to have more “me time” or “self-care routines” why not invite a few friends over and create a rejuvenating, spa-level experience in the comfort of your home. Here are a few you can start with!

Pamper Yourself For A Day Spa At Home


Treating your body to a steam or sauna is an incredible way to boost your body’s natural detoxification processes. That’s because the heat stimulates the nervous, immune and circulatory systems, and then toxins are eliminated through sweating. But did you also know that you can boost these benefits when you combine it with essential oils and hydrosols?

Most people go to a gym or health spa to sit in a sauna, but you can easily create your own at home without the cost or travel. Follow these steps: Read more

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