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Cysteamine: A new treatment for melasma

Due to numerous reports of skin intolerance from hydroquinone and Kligman’s solution, researchers had to find alternatives for treating melasma and other UV-induced pigmentations that would be safer for sensitive and darker (III and above) skin types.[1]

What is Cysteamine?

Cysteamine: A new treatment for melasma

One of these alternatives is Cysteamine. It is a compound with a sulfur-hydrogen bond that works as an antioxidant to fight off free radicals.

Chavin has first discovered its depigmenting action in the 1960s from a black goldfish. However, due to its foul-smelling odor from its sulfur content, it has been pushed aside despite its remarkable lightening effect.

Fortunately, Scientist Pharma discovered a method to remove its sulfur odor and reintroduced this activity into the skincare industry.

In one of its clinical trials, a significant reduction in melanin content has been noted after eight weeks (47%) and 16 weeks (67%); wherein, higher tolerability was observed compared to Kligman’s solution.

This new depigmenting ingredient works by inhibiting tyrosinase and peroxidase, removing Dopaquinone, increasing Glutathione levels, and inhibiting particular reactions that result in pigmentation.

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