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Contouring & Highlighting Guide for Beginners

Contouring and highlighting are extensively popular these days. If you are still new to it, then keep reading to learn how you can enhance your features.

It involves a darker matte for contouring and a lighter shimmer for highlighting. It means more than just blending and highlighting as it creates the dimensions of your face and makes it appear more defined and structural. Also, highlighting adds a glow with natural hits. 

Before opting for contouring, determination of your face shape is essential as it varies with facial shapes. Here are some basic tips with the pictorial guide, depending on your face shape:

Round: Focus on temples, sides of jawline, and cheekbones. Create dimensions in such a way to make it look oval and slimmer. 

How To Contour Your Face The Right Way: Get The Inside Scoop!

Square: Focus on sharp angles and soften them by contouring the sides of the forehead and under cheekbones. Highlight forehead, nose, and chin. 

where to contour a square face

Long: Add more dimensions by focusing on the forehead and chin, contour at forehead and sides of the jaw. 

where to contour on a long face

Heart: Contour the sides of your forehead and temples to create a balance out your facial shape. 

where to contour on a heart shape face

Triangle: Highlight temples and under-eye but contour jawline to create proportion in shape. 

where to contour a triangle shape face

Oval: Make your face more prominent by contouring below the cheekbones and highlighting the nose and under-eye area. 

where to contour an oval face

Contouring and highlighting are so trendy that it is part of the daily makeup routine for most women. It can create a huge difference in the appearance of your face.

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Dr. Iqra Mubashar
Dr. Iqra Mubashar

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