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Bichectomy: Important aspects you should know.

Bichectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the Bichat pouches. These pouches are fat accumulations that are located below the cheekbones and give support and structure to the face.

Their size can vary, providing a more rounded face appearance with less defined angles or more elongated and stylized.

Because of this, in recent years, bichectomy has become a trendy procedure between models and actresses, but what are the benefits besides a more aesthetic look? Is this a treatment for all patients? Do you know the adverse effects?

These fat pillows have a very specific and unique function, supporting the middle and lower third of the face.

If they are partially removed or eliminated completely, they leave a significant void in the entire midface area, which will look amazing while you are young, but later in your life.

When you start losing your collagen and elastin, your skin will become saggy, these fat pads will be needed to give you some extra support. 

Not to mention that the descent of the structures will be faster and earlier in people who do not have Bichat bags than in others who keep them intact.

Finally, there is a significant risk of being affected by several important structures in the area, such as the facial nerve and the Stenson’s duct, as well as facial asymmetries, among others.

There are other alternatives when it comes to stylizing and slimming the face, such as botulinum toxin application, jaw contour definition with a filler or collagen bio-stimulators, and recombinant enzymes.

There are exceptions where a bichectomy may be indicated, but an accurate and prudent assessment is very important, taking into account all of the above.

So always remember to go to a specialist to get a good evaluation before having the treatment done; this way, you can discuss all the pros and cons of this procedure with the specialist and get an answer for all your possible questions.

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