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All you need to know to achieve healthy nails

Not everything is about beautiful nails, it is also about healthy nails. One of the first things we notice when meeting someone are their nails. That is why most of the time, we are worried by the way they look. We are constantly trying new cosmetic treatment for our nails. We change the polish regularly, but what we don’t know is that some of these treatments, when not done correctly can damage our nails.

Here are some recommendations to have healthy nails

Choose regular nail polish over semi-permanent

The semi-permanent polish usually is chosen over the regular because of the low cost and longevity. But this kind of polish contains a lot of ingredients that can debilitate your nails and cause allergic reactions. And this can be irreversible or chronic.

Clean instruments for healthy nails

Make sure when you are doing your nails, the instruments you are using are sterile. It must be disinfected after every use.

Don’t remove ALL the cuticle

we tend to remove the full cuticle for aesthetic reasons, but the main function of the cuticle is to protect the nail from infections, and to remove it completely means that you are leaving some extra entry for bacteria and fungus.

Use sunscreen before your manicure to prevent skin cancer and aging signs

The UV lamp that is used for some procedures is similar to the one used for skin tanning; this can increase the cancer possibility over 10 times.

Don’t remove the gel polish without the right tools

make an appointment in the salon so they can do it for you.

Take a break from polish for a couple of days

Hydrate your nails

you can use almond oil, olive oil, or Vaseline.

Avoid gel polish if you have regular problems on your nails

Take biotin supplements or multivitamins

these will help you with your hair also.

Wear gloves when you are doing chores that involve chemicals

this is one of the main reasons you can have dry hands and cuticles.

Use moisturizer and cuticle cream every night

SInce last year, we have been forced to wash our hands a little bit more, and for sure you can see how this affected your skin and cuticles. Alcohol will make your skin feel dry immediately.


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