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All you need to know about dark circles and how to treat them

In order to choose the right active ingredients that will work for your dark circles, you must learn how to identify your pigmentation type under the eyes.

This is why we will teach you all you need to know about dark circles and how to get rid of them.

Some pigmentations can be accompanied by folds produced by the decrease of fat pads in the area or puffiness caused by water retention or aging.

There are at least four types of dark circles, and here you have them:

  1. Genetics: This type of pigmentation is hard to deal with; being genetic means that most of your family have them, and there are not many things to can do to treat them, and even if you do, you will probably see a small improvement.
  2. Pigmented: Due to the increase of melanin production in the area, you can appreciate a darker zone. 
  3. Transitory: Are caused by stress, sickness, medications, and lack of sleep.
  4. Vascular: In this case, the skin surrounding the eyes is too thick and allows to visualize the blood vessels giving a blueish, violet look.

Which treatments can improve dark circles?

If you want to treat this condition from your house, you can try some DIY mask with coffee or cucumber for some minutes, always massaging the area for a few minutes to stimulate circulation in the area. But you can also consult with a professional where treatments like hyaluronic acid filler, chemical peelings, laser, and ever surgery can be performed. 

Sleeping for at least eight hours, drinking enough water, avoiding drinking coffee, alcohol, and tobacco can trigger pigmentation and puffiness in the area. You must also clean the area at least twice a day and apply products specifically made for the eye contour.


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