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Ancient Chinese beauty. t’s no secret that when it comes to skincare, East Asia is seriously ahead of the game. First came Korean beauty, with its goal of ‘cloudless skin’ and a ten-step skincare routine, then Japanese beauty with its science-driven formulas and intriguing textures.

But Korea’s unassuming neighbour, China, is actually home to some of the most ancient beauty rituals with surprising skincare benefits. And if the jade roller is anything to go by, C-beauty could be about to take over…


Both methods stem from traditional Chinese medicine and are used to stimulate acupoints, restoring the energy flow of the body. The application of pressure, whether using the hands or small pellets, can help to detoxify the skin, activate the production of natural collagen, even out scars and even alleviate the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.


Yep, the jade roller you’ve become obsessed with using originated from China, along with other massage and at-home acupressure tools like Gua Sha.

This could be why facial sculpting methods and lymphatic drainage to decrease puffiness are of such importance in Chinese skincare routines.

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