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6 Benefits of Cucumber for your skin and hair you didn’t know

Cucumber is usually confused with a vegetable but is actually a fruit. This fruit is one of the most accessible and delicious and is not only famous because of the flavor and freshness, but also it is an excellent ally of our skincare. 

It is not only recommended because of the freshness but also has many nutrients and is ideal for adding to your diet because it has a low-calorie value.

Here you have some of the benefits of cucumber for our skin and hair:

  1. Prevents cell aging: Cucumber is a rich antioxidant, and Vitamin A, C, and E therefore also stimulates collagen and elastin production, avoiding this way wrinkles. 
  2. Hydrates the skin: This vegetable is mostly formed by water; in total, 95% is made of water; therefore is one of the main substances able to hydrates the skin.
  3. Protects the skin: It is rich in vitamin E, which is a natural skin protector. 
  4. Works as an anti-inflammatory: Avoid inflammation, especially after sun exposition.
  5. Prevents acne: Cucumber works as an astringent hence regulates sebum production by the skin. 
  6. Keeps your hair healthy: Cucumber will make your hair shiny, stronger and prevent splits ends.

Using cucumbers to treat your concerns is one of the easiest things you can do; preparing the mask or mixing them with other ingredients will only take you a couple of minutes. 

How to use cucumber for the hair?

Using cucumbers for the hair is really easy; just mix natural yogurt with crushed cucumbers, apply it to your hair tips, and leave it for 20 minutes, remove with warm water, and repeat it once a week.

How to use cucumber for the face?

If you want to use it to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, crush the full cucumber, mix it with water and glycerine, and then apply to your skin and leave for some minutes.

You can also use it to improve pigmentation, combine the cucumber with baking soda and a few drops of lemon, leave for 15 minutes, and remove with water. 

Few foods are as cool as a cucumber. These low-calorie veggies contain many nutritional benefits, including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients.

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