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5 Ways To Treat Your Skin If You Suffer From Acne On Your Period

Yes, we all think that spotty skin and acne is something that stays in our teenage years, but in actual fact, women of all ages are prone to breakouts just before menstruation — thanks to those pesky hormones. In particular, acne sufferers will see skin flare-ups around 7-10 days before their period is due (it normally gets better as your period progresses).

Bad skin is a common PMS symptom — but one that you can tackle if you know how.

In the post below, we’ll cover the five best ways to treat your skin if you suffer acne during your period: read on to have a happy, pimple-free period.

1.   Practise good skin hygiene

About two weeks before menstruation, the levels of progesterone and estrogen that your body creates increases — which stimulates oil glands in your skin and produces more sebum. Too much sebum mixes with dead skin (gross, we know) and results in clogged pores, which equals pimples and acne.

If you want to tackle the effects of period acne, then practising good skin hygiene is a great place to start.

For example, you should always aim to wash your face twice a day (no excuses!) to wash away any excess oil and clear your pores. (If you go to the gym and sweat then take this as another opportunity to wash — think about the sweat that will gather otherwise!)

Do this with warm water — which will open up your pores — and a natural gentle cleanser that will be kind to your skin. Avoid oil-based washes and cleansers, because these will only exacerbate an oily skin situation.

2.   Avoid bad habits that will make it worse

It’s not enough to wash your skin twice a day and pray that your period acne will clear up. You need to take action against all of the bad habits in your life that impact your skin — and you might not even realize that you do some of these! Read more…

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