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5 Rules For Younger Skin After 40

Younger Skin After 40

National monuments are set in stone; visible signs of aging are not. Even if you’ve passed 40, you can still turn back the clock on your skincare after 40 and actually undo signs of damage.

“It’s like getting your body into shape: Just because you haven’t exercised before doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see great results,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Here, top dermatologists share the secrets that can reverse the damage and make all the difference between skin looking after 40 and, well, looking ageless.

Rule #1: Wash with a cleanser that turns skin into a sponge for anti-aging products.

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If you buy whatever cheap cleanser is on sale or promises the biggest benefits on its label, you’ve likely been hurting your skin.

First, dermatologists say, you should choose a cleanser designed specifically for your skin type (this rule of thumb applies to almost all facial-care products). So if your skin tends to get dry, opt for a hydrating wash. Have normal or combo skin? Look for a foaming cleanser, which can help rid skin of excess surface oil.

No matter your skin type, as long as it’s not supersensitive, choose a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs. These can stimulate cell turnover, helping prime your skin to better absorb the products you apply afterward, says Ronald Moy, MD, a Beverly Hills–based dermatologist.

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