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5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking this delicious beverage is a simple way to improve your health.

When life gives you lemons, put them in your water! Making your own lemon juice using fresh lemons and water is a simple and refreshing way to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The fruit contains nutrients that are vital to your health. By indulging in a tasty, low-calorie beverage, you will be getting hydrated and reaping five benefits at the same time.

1. Improves Skin Quality

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in your skin health. Every person has a protein in their body known as collagen, which helps sustain your skin elasticity. When you increase your intake of vitamin C, you are giving your body the proper nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin.

2. Aids in Digestion

Each morning before you put anything in your stomach, you should drink a warm cup of lemon water to activate your digestive system. The citric acid found in lemons supplements your natural stomach acids which help break down food. Sipping on this warm beverage also acts as a gentle laxative, promoting regularity.

3. Supports the Immune System

Vitamin C also supports a healthy immune system. When your immune system is functioning optimally, you are less susceptible to infections and the common cold. Increasing your intake of vitamin C will help you gain and sustain your immunity which will ultimately prevent you from getting sick. Adding lemon to your water is a simple way to increase your vitamin C and help protect your health.

4. Prevents Kidney Stones

Lemons contain a high citric acid content which helps prevent the formation of calcium-based kidney stones. Although it is not proven, it seems that lemon products increase urinary citrate levels. Citrate levels may play a role in the development of kidney stones. The lower the level, the higher the chance of developing a kidney stone. Therefore, it is believed that because lemons increase your citrate levels, your chances of having a calcium-based kidney stone are lowered.

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