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21 Secrets to Get Fair Skin Naturally

Having bright and flawless skin is the dream of all women. These beauty standards vary from country to country; in Indonesia, for example, fair skin (“white”) is slightly more “yellow” than other countries like Korea and Japan – where the preferred skin color is pale white.

Fair skin is synonymous with “pretty”, probably because faired-skin people can wear any color, compared to their dark or brown-skinned counterparts.

Despite this narrow view of beauty, many people still choose to do expensive and painful treatments, such as chemical peels or vitamin C injections.

The amount of skin whitening products is also growing from time to time, making it more confusing for potential customers.

According to Dr. Windy Miryana, SpKK, our skin cannot be bleached with any treatments. Although there are some methods that worked, they are not completely safe.

“If the face skin tone is different than the hand, (the treatment) might contain heavy metals such as mercury,” she says.

Before you spend hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah for skin-lightening procedures, try some of these natural remedies that you can do at home – not only easy and fast but also affordable and safe for your skin.

Lighten Your Face Skin Tone

“Our epidermis is continuously making new skin cells every 14-21 days, then surely the dead skin cells build up,” Dr. Windy explains why skin can look dull, adding that night creams or chemical peels could help exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin.

Before you get confused, try these DIY home remedies you can find in your kitchen.

Everyone has a unique skin type, so make sure you understand your own skin condition and try several recipes until you find one that really suits your skin.

Do not worry! There is a lot of goodness in nature we can use as skin-lightening treatments:

1. Coconut Oil

Preparation time: 5-40 minutes

Coconut has been known as a powerful cleansing food that speeds up healing results by thoroughly flushing out all toxins.

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